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  • Reliability design

  • Endurance Extension

  • Heat Management

Reliability design

  • SSDs for enterprise, industrial, aerospace or defense application have to be designed according to high standard of reliability. However, the truth is SSD still fails ocassionally due to defects of components, harsh environment, unstable power supply, etc.

    It is unacceptable.

  • Do you kown what kind of technologies to ensure reliability?

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Endurance Extension

Endurance Extension

Although the life of the HDD is limited, the life limit of the SSD is significantly increased.

SSD can be successfully commercialized, and are inseparable from the life extension technology of SSDs. It can even be said that the breakthrough in SSD life technology has laid the foundation for its large-scale commercial use.

Unlike SLC and eMLC, the life extension technology mentioned here does not increase costs and prices.

Under the same conditions, how to extend the life of SSD is a tool to create superior value for customers and enhance the competitiveness of SSD vendors, channel vendors and system integrators.

In order to extend the life of SSD, Comay SSD use a lot of technology to improve it. 

1.WL technology

2.WAR technology

Heat Management

Temperature management refers to the measures that SSD can be used to work reliably and stably over a wide temperature range. In actual use, SSD will face excessive or too low ambient temperature due to factors such as changes in the seasons, geographical changes, self-heating, external heat/cool sources, and ventilation and heat dissipation. High-quality SSDs must be able to work reliably and reliably over a wide range. Generally, the industry requires SSD to be reliably booted and operated under the following temperature standards: 1. Consumer-grade SSD: 0~70°C 2. Commercial-grade SSD: 0~70°C. There are also some SSD products with a working range of 0~50°C 3. Industrial grade SSD: -40~85°C.There are also manufacturers that say -20~+75°C products are "industrial grade" 4. General military-grade SSD: -40~85°C 5. Aviation-grade SSD: -55~85°C